Lifted View

Lifted View by Lifted Nutrition

Lifted View was founded by three friends from diverse backgrounds who shared a common goal of providing the highest quality supplements. Together, they joined forces as entrepreneurs and herbal connoisseurs to create the perfect blend of ancient herbs and root in one convenient capsule. After initial testing and research by the group's Chief Medical Officer, Lifted View was formulated with 6 all-natural ingredients to calm the mind and address the causes that often lead to feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Though originally created to help cannabis users address the negative side effects they were often experiencing, the feedback was clear that Lifted View was an ideal natural compliment for anyone who wants to boost their productivity and focus. 


Natural Effects

Lifted View is an all-natural herbal supplement comprised of just six time-tested ingredients. This natural group of herbs and roots have a synergistic effect, working together to support a mild, yet steady effect of calming your nerves while helping your brain focus.

Calm Without the Crash

With Lifted View, you now have a tool that can actually increase your productivity levels and assist you in getting your mental work done rather than a simple stimulant that gives you energy, but may not lead to any increase in concentration. This combination of positive mood effects and the absence of a crash are what separates the Lifted View blend from everything else on the market.

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A tea traditionally consumed in South America, Yerba Mate has been used to stimulate mental energy and focus, act as an appetite suppressant, improve mood and ultimately promote deep sleep.

Also known as Curcumin, Turmeric is an herb native to India used for thousands of years. Clinically correlated with inflammation reduction and stimulation of brain cell growth.

Also known as Indian Ginseng, it's correlated with reduction in anxiety, neuroprotection, and improvement in long-term memory in both ayurvedic and western medicine.

A plant with longstanding roots in ancient Chinese herbology, Ginkgo Biloba has been shown to have strong ties to improvement in cognitive function.

The active ingredient in black pepper is piperine. Historically, it has been cultivated in India to reduce inflammation. It also supports the absorption and bioavilability of important herbal substances such as curcumin.

Herb with origins in ancient China and Greece, named by Linnaeus in 1700, the root – panax – means “all-heal”. Panax ginseng is known for its properties as an aphrodisiac and mild stimulant.