Lifted View

India Lifted : A Physicians View on Herbal Health

I recently went on a sabbatical to India.  I spent some time in New Delhi and had the opportunity to garner an appreciation for a culture that has truly embraced complementary and alternative therapy.

Pharmacies don’t require prescriptions to get medications, yet benzodiazepine (think Ativan), opioid (think Percocet), and stimulant (think Adderall), abuse is significantly lower than seen in the states.  Poverty is rampant, yet people tend to live comparable - if not happier - lives.

Why?  There are several reasons.  But, one part of it may related to the fact that every day life is imbued with a modicum of herbalism (Ayurveda) – during the evenings to help relieve anxiety, families drink ashwaghanda tea.  Before going to school, children drink some ginseng tea, and the elderly (or not so young) have some ginkgo biloba to stay sharp while playing chess.  No one considers this "supplementation", it's just a part of life.  

I love America, and am fundamentally American, but I couldn’t help but appreciate the way they do so much with so little.

With Lifted View I see a step towards emulating a simpler life.  Instead of taking a lab-derived prescription medication, try an approach taken by the second most populous country in the world and try Lifted View.