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Ask Dr. Neil: Nootropics

Dear Dr. Neil,

I see all these ads for neutropics – what does that mean, and how are they different from Lifted View?




Hello Tom,

A neutropic (also spelled nootropic) is a category of supplements/medications designed to enhance mental function. They can range from pharmaceutical FDA-regulated drugs like methylphenidate (Ritalin), to simple stimulants like caffeine. Some are lab generated “dietary supplements” such as phosphatidylserine, while others are herbal supplements that have been around for generations. Lets look at each category.

First, you have the pharmaceuticals. These have been found to work in patients that need them – methylphenidate is effective for patients that suffer from ADHD, it has some benefit for that patient population, but unless you are closely supervised by a physician, certainly should not take.

Second, you have the lab generated dietary supplements these are products like phosphatidylserine (a lipid), and tianeptine (a tricyclic), products which can be found in very small amounts in a normal diet, but when produced in bulk can have a marginal effect in improving mental function. Similar to the pharmaceuticals, there has been some shown benefit in treating those with ADHD by targeting certain brain receptors and stabilizing cell membranes, thereby improving cognitive ability. These products works in the right populations, but the major problem is that the bulk of these do not undergo FDA testing - and if it's something generated in a lab, that's never been used before - do you really want to be the guinea pig?

Third, you have the naturally occurring herbal supplements. These are products that have been found in the wild for generations, and generally have been used by various cultures for improvements in cognitive function. The most effective of which are panax ginseng and ginkgo biloba. Both have found effective in treating conditions such as depression, while improving cognitive function. Individually the data behind each is robust, and found effective – moreover, they have been around forever, and aren’t associated with any adverse effects.

Lifted View is made up of the third category.  Using a balanced blend of certain herbal products, Lifted View is the first, natural, herbal nootropic.  The ingredients have been around for generations, and have universally been found safe.  

In essence, you have a slew of products to choose from. Each with different strengths and weaknesses, keep in mind, the best things you can to do to improve your cognitive function is to live a healthy life – exercise, eat a clean diet, and keep on studying and challenging yourself. Only once you’ve done that, should you consider the next step - hopefully it's a safe one. 


Dr. Neil