Lifted View

Lifted Night Shift: Lifted View for Shift Workers

By Dr. Neil

My day job is to function as an Emergency Department (ED) physician. With that territory comes countless night shifts, evening shifts, and flipping from a day shift to a night shift, back to a day shift.

Let me be clear – in the long run, shift work is physically bad for you. Shift work disrupts your natural circadian rhythm has been shown to physically decrease the life spans of long-term shift workers.

In the short term, it can be dangerous. People working night shifts often take addictive supplements to both stay awake, and then fall asleep – there have been countless doctors, nurses, pilots, amongst others, addicted to Adderall to stay awake and Ambien to fall asleep.

While I’ve never taken a prescription medication to sleep – I’ve been a consumer of caffeinated products for years. At the same time, at the end of a night shift, I’ve taken Benadryl to get a few hours of much needed sleep.

Lifted View is my way around even that. I start my night shift with Lifted View and stay focused and awake without having a jittery start of a precipitous crash. More importantly by the end of my shift I’m able to fall back asleep without needing anything to help decompress after my shift.

Lifted View working for me is what’s called “anecdotal evidence”, meaning it’s simply my personal experience and cant be generalized to everyone – on top of that I’m pretty biased as the medical lead for Lifted View.

That being said, I care about those I work with, those in my profession and other shifts workers around the world. Lifted View is geared towards gradually improving a users energy level, while improving his or her ability to focus and not having a crash afterwards.

Before your next shift, give it a try.