Lifted View

Ask Dr. Neil: Gaming and Lifted View

Dear Dr. Neil,

I took my first dose of Lifted View yesterday, didn’t notice anything at first, then an hour later while playing Starcraft I noticed I was doing better than I usually do. I was expecting more of a rush. Where is the rush?



Dear Devin,

Lifted View is a product designed to make you feel more awake and alert gradually. Lifted View is not speed – nor is it meant to give you a rush or a high. However, Lifted View does provide gradual onset sustained focus and energy. So, the reason that you did so well is because Lifted View started kicking in. 

Lifted View gradually improves your ability to focus and stay awake without having the adverse effects associated with other stimulants. We’ve had a few customers purchase Lifted View strictly to excel at playing competitive video games. The reason Lifted View is preferred over other stimulants (caffeine tablets, etc), is because you don’t have a precipitous crash with the sustained focus. 

Continue to enjoy Lifted View, and continue to do well while gaming. There may not be a rush, you may not be bouncing off the walls, but you’ll certainly be gaming better, longer.


Dr. Neil