Lifted View

Exercise and Lifted View

Exercise and Lifted View

By Dr. Neil 

During the past few weeks we’ve received feedback from a few customers saying how great their workouts were post Lifted View. The sales and marketing team asked me for my feedback – were their experiences due to a placebo effect or is improved exercise one of Lifted Views' little-discussed benefits?

Lifted View makes your workout better for a few definite reasons:

  • Focus: Both the ginseng and yerba mate have very distinct improvements on ones ability to focus. Improved focus allows to be present when lifting, running, or playing a sport. Bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote books about the importance of visualizing muscle growth during, before, and after lifting.   Jiu-jitsu legend Fernando Yamasaki often talks about the importance of being mentally present when training. The relationship is simple – improved focus, improved workout.
  • Energy: Being present during your workout isn’t the only part of taking a mediocre workout from good to great. The second part is having the energy needed to complete your workout. In Lifted View the Yerba Mate allows you to have a mild increase in your energy level without a precipitous crash after or during your workout.

There are other reasons less supported with the literature why Lifted View may help – e.g. curcumin is a very potent anti-inflammatory leading to decreased muscle pain and strain. Black pepper improves GI function and motility - perhaps better workouts come from a better nutritional status. 

So in essence, there are many reasons why Lifted View will improve the quality of your workout – the most proven and supported benefits being improved focus and sustained energy.  Those two characteristics alone can make just about any task a better.  

For maximum results, have two to three capsules of Lifted View with 8 ounces of water 60 minutes before working out.

 Enjoy the experience and please keep the feedback coming.