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Ask Dr. Neil: Mid-Day Crash


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The following is an email we received here at Lifted View.  While we are obviously biased, the information is geared not just towards Lifted View consumers, but for anyone interested in having a more productive day.

Dear Dr. Neil,

I’m a pretty healthy guy, but I’m tired of having coffee. I work odd hours, and often feel drained during the middle of my day. I don’t want that crash, I don’t want to be dependent, and I definitely don’t want to take anything laden with chemicals or lab made – besides Lifted View, is there anything else you recommend?




Hello Vikram,

Every time I see a commercial for a little red bottle that rhymes with “5-hour synergy”, I cringe (read my last article). The last thing I want any patient of mine to do is take a bolus of caffeine in the middle of their day.

I want my patients to take something mild, gradual in onset, and not just a stimulant.  While the correct answer is Lifted View - there are a couple of other alternatives for those hesitant to take the plunge.  

To that extent, my recommendations for you are simple – first, do the basics. Every night, get 8 hours of quality sleep, second, have a well balanced diet with a breakfast high in protein, good fats, and complex carbs, third, 45 minutes of exercise daily. Once that’s done, we can try supplementation.

The first one to replace that cup of coffee is Yerba Mate. Yerba Mate is a type of tea that you can get anywhere. It’s more suitable to high functioning people over coffee because it will make you feel more alert yet not jittery.

Why? Because in addition to caffeine it also contains two other compounds – theyophylline and theobromine – these are both natural energizing compounds that have a more gradual, delayed effect that doesn’t make you feel jittery. To top it off, Yerba Mate has the highest amount of antioxidants and polyphenols of all teas– meaning it helps your liver metabolize each meal, to have you functioning optimally.   

The next supplement to add to your daily list is Ginseng. In particular – Panax Ginseng. Ginseng is a very commonly used, mild supplement that has been shown in a variety of studies to increase alertness without discernable side effects. Add 500 mg to your afternoon tea or tea extract and you’ll feel like a new person. 

The last supplement to add to your cocktail is Ginkgo Biloba. Ginkgo Biloba has been used for generations to improve cognitive function, and recently has been shown effective at mitigating the onset of dementia. So while the Ginseng and Yerba Mate will make you feel more awake and alert, Ginkgo may actually improve your ability to think.

The next day you’re feeling drained, try this herbal cocktail and see how you feel. These are products that have been used for thousands of years without adverse effects and can effectively complement your healthy lifestyle.

Of course, you could always scooping up a bottle of Lifted View.  We have Yerba, Ginseng, and Ginkgo all packaged together with some Curcumin and Black Pepper to have a well balanced supplement.  

 Let me know how you feel - we always appreciate the feedback. 


Dr. Neil