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Lamar Odom: Cocaine, Opiates, and… Herbals?

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By Dr. Neil

The truly unfortunate circumstances surrounding Lamar Odom's plight bring to light some of the illicit substances he was participating in - cocaine, opiates, prostitution, and last but not least - “Herbal Viagra”.  

Why, when compared to the other three is “Herbal Viagra” getting so much attention?   There are a few very clear reasons:

1)  They are medically potent: Although these products are not regulated by the FDA, they are still very medically potent.  They were so effective that they were able to dramatically lower the blood pressure of Lamar Odom - to levels when combined with opiates could have been fatal.  The mechanism of action for most sexual enhancers is to dilate blood vessels - lowering blood pressure while increasing blood flow to certain male parts. 

2)  There are a wide variety of products in each supplement.  Unlike Lifted View, which uses only 6, well tested, well proven herbals - many of these unknown “Herbal Viagras” contain 10, 20, and even 30 different ingredients.  The FDA doesn't test interactions between each, and often, these supplement makers don't understand the way the agents mix. 

3) These supplements aren't made in the USA. Another concern is that many of these herbal products aren't made in the USA.  They’re made in a European, Chinese, or South American lab with questionable production practices. As a matter of fact - a couple years ago the FDA issued a warning suggesting that there may be “hidden ingredients”:

4)  Lack of physician involvement:  I’m obviously a little biased.  However I’m a firm believer that having a physician/clinician as a part of the supplement development team leads to a better product.  These “Herbal Viagras” aren't being suggested by physicians, aren't grounded in scientific literature, and we have no idea who is developing them, or where they’re being made.

So in essence, while herbal products are more “natural”, it falls on the consumer to make the right decision regarding how safe a product truly is.  Before consuming any medicinal product - be it an herbal, or a prescribed medication, speak with your physician, and do some research.  Know the company that you’re buying a supplement from, and know the ingredients you’re consuming. 

As a shameless plug - with ', we only have 6 ingredients.  All firmly grounded in literature, and used stateside for decades.  We have a product designed and made in the USA, and whose founders believe in transparency and safety above everything else.  If there is ever a concern regarding how a product or ingredient works, our medical team responds to the user directly and is available to provide support.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to the Odom and Kardashian families. We are sincerely saddened by this tragedy and wish him a speedy recovery.