Lifted View

Why My Mom Uses Lifted View

By Dr. Neil

My mother is a highly successful business manager. She’s been a chief financial officer for a large organization, and manages millions of dollars daily. My entire life, I have watched her work 16 hours a day, tirelessly, never complaining, and never slowing down. That’s always been a stark contrast to her outside of work – she’s always goofy, distractible, laughing, and excited about our next big adventure.

One day we spoke about what really made her workdays so grueling, and she remarked that her entire life she’s had a difficult time staying focused. As a result, she’s found herself double and triple checking every project she does. As she’s gotten older, her attention span and ability to stay focused has also waned a bit, and now projects that used to take one hour, take two.

I asked her to try Lifted View. I’m a physician and confident in the knowledge that the ingredients inside Lifted View have no harm for someone her age (she’s into her 60’s). More importantly, I recognize that the gradual loss in attention span is a natural part of aging that has been addressed for thousands of years with certain herbals.

I had my mom try one tablet of Lifted View, twice a day, the first in the morning after waking up, and the second in the afternoon right after lunch. Now, two months into taking Lifted View, I find her coming home earlier and earlier with more time on her hands.   She doesn’t quite know what about Lifted View has made her so productive – but she reports that she doesn’t find herself getting distracted and doesn’t find herself re-checking things three of four times. 

Here’s why it works for her. In Lifted View, the combination of Ashwaghanda, and Ginkgo Biloba has led to decreased anxiety, while her improving her cognition and ability to stay focused – making her more productive. The Yerba Mate in that first capsule helps her start that productivity first thing in the morning. The second capsule comes right after lunch – when our bodies naturally have a lull, making the second half of her day as productive as the first.

The ingredients in Lifted View have been used for thousands of years; it is designed to make people more productive and more effective on a day-to-day basis. More importantly, it’s helped my mom get back more of her life.