Lifted View

Lifted Libido: Lifted View increasing your sex drive?

By Dr. Neil

During our initial round of testing Lifted View testing, one comment I kept on hearing was the impact it had on your sex drive. Nearly every tester – both male and female – kept on saying “my sex drive is through the roof”.

We selected our ingredients in Lifted View primarily for the impact they have on cognitive function, anxiety, and recovery. I’m well aware that many of the ingredients inside Lifted View have been associated with increased libido and male potency, but decided to investigate further and really see the impact as the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive.

Panax Ginseng. I’ve spoken about Panax Ginseng quite a bit, it’s one of my favorite herbals. It’s been around forever, and used by herbalist for centuries. It also has a pretty significant impact on natural male enhancement. There was a well conducted randomized control trial where 60 male participants with erectile dysfunction were given ginseng daily. The test group had a significant improvement in erectile function[1]. This was reproduced in a couple other studies, and likely represents part of why Lifted View adds so much vitality to your night[2].

Ginkgo Biloba. Ginkgo Biloba is one the core ingredients in Lifted View. It’s been shown to have a significant impact on cognitive function, is safe, relatively popular in the studies, and has a good body of literature. It’s also been used in China for centuries to increase sexual function. Going through the literature, I found a 2015 study in the Journal of Urology looking at the impact of Ginkgo on penile neuronal function in mice. The study found an increase in neuronal function in the test group[3]. So, yes, we’re not mice, but an impact there may well contribute to the significant impact felt by the users of Lifted View.

Beyond the ingredients, the simple fact that Lifted View gives most users a little more energy with an ability to focus, while reducing anxiety, can explain why their sexual experiences are so much better. Your psychological state has a very tangible impact on your sexual performance and enjoyment. 

Most importantly, while I can explain the literature behind the way our users feel for hours, the most resounding proof of Lifted Views efficacy is in what our users say – it works.


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