Lifted View

Founder's Story

Lifted View was born out of my desire to create an all-natural supplement that would lead to a more productive cannabis high without negative side-effects. Like so many others, I get the munchies, have limited focus, and run out of energy a short time after smoking, vaping, or consuming edibles. My curiosity was peaked, and in order to validate if this could become a viable endeavor, I brought in a friend who is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the industry, as well as a Georgetown educated physician to put the wheels in motion.

We were optimistic when we set out that we could address some of the pitfalls of cannabis use. However, we were not prepared for the demand that came from our friends, families, and even ourselves to use Lifted View completely independently from marijuana.

It took quite some time to do the research on what natural herbs and roots already had scientific research associated with them for our purposes. We then narrowed down those ingredients by trying them all individually and getting rid of the stuff that didn’t have a positive effect on our bodies. After almost a year of testing various combinations by making our own manual pills, we finally arrived at the perfect combination of ingredients that provides a steady jump in energy, an increase in focus, and aids in recovery through more productive sleep.

Lifted View has really become my natural Adderral-like supplement without the negative side effects that so many folks complain about. It provides me with a far more productive morning after re-hydrating with a few glasses of water and a light breakfast. I feel a significant increase in my focus while at work, and most importantly when I look back before lunch I almost always feel that I accomplished more when taking Lifted View. After months of experimentation, I realize that I care less about fighting the negative effects of nighttime relaxing cannabis use since I’m not an all-day user. Instead, I am far more interested in how productive I can be the next day at work.

To my surprise, Lifted View has a far wider spectrum of advocates that I anticipated. I’ve heard similar stories from moms using Lifted View in the afternoon to get through the day and students using it to study for their college exams.

This may sound like snake oil to lots of people who haven't tried it.   Trust me, I'm as skeptical as anyone else.   I really have developed a passion for hearing the stories of how folks like me have become more productive without the worry of all the negative side effects associated with prescription medication. I hope you give Lifted View a try, I’m glad to refund you 100% of your purchase if it doesn’t provide you with a more productive experience.