Lifted View

Your school banned energy drinks? Try the natural alternative.

Recently Middlebury College in Vermont banned the sale of all energy drinks, the likes of which include Redbull, Monster Energy, and 5-Hour energy. The reported reason is that energy drinks lead to “problematic behavior”, like “high risk sexual activity”.

While I strongly doubt a causal relationship between energy drinks and “high risk sexual activity”, I do think that the ban illustrates an important point. Perhaps energy drinks, and supplements like 5-hour energy are simply too strong for young, neuroplastic minds.

Energy drinks have been associated with deaths nationwide. Mega-dosing caffeine and b-12 can have fairly toxic effects. Maybe it’s time to look at a more natural, safer, alternative. 

Lifted View is not a panacea for all fatigue. It’s an herbal supplement using ingredients globally used for thousands of years. Ingredients like yerba mate and panax ginseng have been used as energy alternatives for generations, without the abuse you see on college campuses across the country.

 Before your next test, don't break your schools' rules - try Lifted View.