Lifted View

Lifted View and Medical Marijuana

 By Dr. Neil 


Recently many of our clients have been asking about the synergy between medical marijuana and Lifted View – more importantly they’ve asked why the two synergize so very well. 

It all began during our initial test period.  Our medical team developed a natural mental enhancement supplement, where the ingredients target a few things – reducing fatigue, decreasing anxiety while improving mental clarity.  After extensive testing, we had a blend that worked with minimal side effects.  We then started running our internal subject tests. 

One of our test subjects that found it exceptionally helpful was John (name has been changed).   John used to be high functioning engineer who was faced with debilitating back pain as a result of a sports injury.  He was first prescribed a long-acting opioid and soon, like many others, found himself unable to work and facing withdrawal every-time he decreased his opioid dose.  Eventually he was able to stop taking his Oxycontin but was still facing the pain – he was on disability and couldn’t function.   Seeing all the information on how dangerous prescription opiates are, I'm not surprised. 

Eventually he was prescribed medical marijuana. He found it to be the only way he could tolerate his back pain and go about his daily chores.  He was gradually getting back on track, but found it hard to get back to his old job.  After consuming marijuana he felt foggy, drowsy, and faced a regular sense of anxiety whenever he attempted to go into the office. 

He took Lifted View and from day one felt better.  He was able to consume his marijuana and still have a productive, highly functional day at work.  He got off disability and is still working to this day. 

Lifted View gave him his life back because of the way it synergized with the medication he takes every day.  Lifted View allows John to consume medical marijuana and function at his highest levels.   

I’m not a politician and have no public opinion on marijuana use.  However, if Lifted view, can give someone their life back by complementing the medication they need – I can sleep a very happy physician.